Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Avoiding Sensitivity with Teeth Whitening Treatment

Have you experienced sensitivity after teeth whitening? Or maybe you know someone who went in for a professional whitening procedure and complained of pain afterwards? Sensitivity associated with teeth whitening keeps many people from trying the treatment who would otherwise benefit from it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are whitening options that offer beautiful results and minimize any associated sensitivity.

What Causes Sensitivity?

There are two primary causes of sensitivity associated with teeth bleaching:

1. The bleaching agent may come into contact with the gums or other soft tissues in close proximity to the teeth.
2. The whitening process exposes dentinal tubules, which are very small holes in the dentin that lead to the dental pulp inside the tooth. When dentinal tubules become exposed, teeth are sensitive to heat and cold.

In both cases, the resulting hypersensitivity is a temporary condition, but that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can avoid sensitivity by using certain teeth whitening products and methods.

Comfortable Teeth Whitening

The whitening treatments we offer help to greatly minimize sensitivity, and are a great option if whitening-associated sensitivity concerns you.

• Our Opalesence Boost and Opalesence Go whitening treatments use a gentle concentration of hydrogen peroxide, as well as potassium nitrate and water, to decrease sensitivity. Also, this treatment doesn’t require the use of a light, which can increase sensitivity by making teeth dry.
• Our Take-Home whitening treatment is highly customizable and comes in different concentrations of the whitening ingredient, so that you use the appropriate strength to minimize sensitivity and still achieve the desired effect.

Get Whiter Teeth—Without the Sensitivity

If sensitivity has kept you from getting the teeth whitening treatments you want, don’t let it any longer. There are options available for everyone which can reduce or completely eliminate discomfort. Call our office for more information about getting gentle whitening in Plano with our professional teeth bleaching treatments.

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